Opera to Chrome: We're Also Faster Than a Potato!


Google’s (s GOOG) Chrome speed tests ad is super cool. The YouTube version has millions of views and rightfully so — it’s impressive to watch the high-speed camera depict the time to load a web page as compared to a potato gun, the speed of sound and lightning.

But Opera, the little browser that could, has a cheeky response. In contrast to Google’s MythBusters-as-art aesthetic, Opera goes a little more Royal Tenenbaums-in-Norway with a video posted to its official YouTube account yesterday. The result of Opera’s own speed test? The browser is also “much faster than a potato.” Love it.

Opera’s “World record speed test”

Google Chrome Speed Tests:

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I will always use opera as my personal web browser what ever happens opera is unique have not copy features from others and chrome is also excellent but I will always to stick opera.


Hilarious. This clever commercial does make me kinda want to try Opera now haha oh the power of marketing.


did try opera again recently after about 5 yrs, and seems they are back in the race for good. lets see.

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