Kylo’s Hulu Workaround No Longer Working


Hey, remember when we asked how long Kylo’s latest Hulu workaround would last? The answer turned out to be three days.

The web video browser developed for television usage had included a setting in its latest update enabling advanced users to bring Hulu to their screens.

However, the new version now no longer works according to Kylo — a Hulu video will play for 30 seconds then display the message familiar to anyone who’s tried to sneak onto the site using a non-authorized system: “Unfortunately this video is not available on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

According to a statement from developer Hillcrest Labs CEO Dan Simpkins:

It remains our position that Kylo is simply a Web browser based on open-source Mozilla code, like Firefox, but with a specialized UI (user interface) that includes larger controls. We fully respect the rights of content owners and aggregators, and as such, we do not deep link, re-index, divert users past ads, or overlay different user interfaces on video players. We believe consumers should be able to use the Kylo browser to visit any site on the Web on the display screen of their choice.

Simpkins also points out that major network sites like NBC and Fox are still viewable on Kylo, thus replicating some of Hulu’s content. We’ve reached out to Hulu for comment.

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