Apple Launches Self-Publishing Opportunity


Budding authors are often only budding because it’s so difficult to get published. Many have that great novel written with no viable outlet to get it into reader’s hands. E-books have made it possible to breach that barrier, with a number of outlets that work with authors to get work published in digital form. Apple has rolled out such an opportunity that has big potential for unknown writers to get works published on a major online book outlet. The iBookstore is Apple’s venue for selling e-books for the iPad and the iPhone, and it’s now open to those wishing to publish their own books.

Apple looks to be approaching this correctly, with simple rules that must be followed to get works accepted for sale in the iBookstore. Any book must have a valid ISBN number and be submitted in a valid ePub format, neither of which is difficult to do. Authors must also have a U.S. tax ID and an iTunes store account, meaning those outside the U.S. are left out of the iBookstore for now.

It’s not clear what cut Apple is taking from book sales published this way, but for those trying desperately to get their works out in the public this is a major outlet full of potential. You’ve always planned on writing that great novel, now you have a place to sell it. I can already envision the first novel to go viral in the iBookstore, bringing fame and fortune to some writer.

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