Apple iPhone Production Seen As Pointing to Impending Verizon Deal


Apple’s iPhone (s aapl) production is ramping up to levels that suggest it’s “increasingly becoming carrier-agnostic” and could mean we’ll see a Verizon iPhone sooner than previously expected, Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar alleges in a note to clients today. Up to 12 million iPhones are already in the supply chain for the September quarter — a huge amount considering Apple has sold some 50 million of the devices worldwide since June of 2007. Kumar believes that if such production trends continue, Apple will move 40 million iPhones this year. He further believes that if Apple inks a deal with Verizon Wireless (s vz) by the end of 2010 — which may be the last year of iPhone exclusivity with AT&T (s t) in the U.S. — pent-up demand for a Verizon iPhone could drive quarterly sales to 17 million.

Although Kumar is throwing around what sound like large numbers and what-if scenarios, his numbers may actually be in line when you look at several other key bits of information:

Given that Google (s goog) claims the activation of some 100,000 Android devices per day, the game is clearly on between it and Apple. In 18 short months, Android has proven itself to be a force against Apple’s mighty iPhone and is catching up in terms of market share. And according to a recent AdMob report, much of the Android army is based in North America, so Apple could use another iPhone brigade in the form of Verizon.

And the fact that AT&T recently jacked up the price of its early termination fee to $325, effective next week, is just further evidence that AT&T expects to soon be losing its cash cow. Perhaps the big news at Apple’s WWDC event next week isn’t what we already know — there’s a new iPhone coming soon — but instead is what many hope for: at long last, a Verizon iPhone.

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If verizon was getting the iPhone, why would they be promoting Moto Droids with so much marketing? iPhones for Verizon are coming only with LTE.


This is not news. Anybody who follows the mobile industry knows that the iPhone is very likely to appear on Verizon. Although I still have my doubts given the controlling nature of both companies. Verizon giving up on aspects of the customer relation? Hmm….

Regardless, the real news is “when”. When is it going to happen? Date, please. That would be news.

PS: the CDMA radio chip could, and in fact many people believe so, very well be for the Chinese market

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