Tell Us Your Story: Get Profiled on WWD

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Over the past year, I’ve profiled a number of WWD readers, showing just how broad the range of people who consider themselves to be “web workers” really is. Not only the web designers and bloggers that you might expect, but entrepreneurs, lawyers, dentists, cinematographers, marketers and more.

I’m looking for more WWD readers to profile, so if you think you have an interesting story to tell, or that your fellow web workers could learn a thing or two from your experiences, please get in touch with me, briefly outlining why we should profile you. We’ll discuss what it is that you do, how you do it, the tools that you use, and your favorite hints and tips.

Photo courtesy stock.xchng user melodi2

1 Comment


It sounds interesting, especially because it applies to professionals and entrepreneurs that can make use of the WWD Reader and improve, in this way their online activity. I don’t know much about this, but I thank you for sharing this sort of invitation to get our profiles on the WWD reader.
I will advise the entrepreneurs I interact with to read your post.
Thank you again!

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