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On-the-Fly Flickr Search in Your Browser

I’m always looking for images to use in blog posts but am tired of having to open a new tab just to trawl through photos, which is why I was happy to discover Flickr Image Search. It’s a basic but functional extension for Chrome (s goog) that provides on-the-fly search of Flickr images.

Click the toolbar button, enter your search term into the box that pops up, and the extension returns 20 thumbnail images from Flickr. Click on one of the thumbnails, and it’ll open its Flickr image page in a new tab.  All of this happens without leaving the web page you’re on, which makes it a handy tool for blogging.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to page through to more images if you don’t like any of the first 20 results, and you can’t do anything more advanced than a simple keyword search (the ability to restrict the search to Creative Commons-licensed images would make it a perfect tool for me). However, this is only version 0.3 of the extension, so I’m hoping those features will come in a future release. It sounds like the developer is eventually planning to turn this into a tool that can do on-the-fly searches of multiple stock libraries, which could make it a very useful tool indeed.

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6 Responses to “On-the-Fly Flickr Search in Your Browser”

  1. gwenmcgreen

    Thank you so much for this tip. I have just installed it and tried it looking some images and it works great. I think it is very useful and it took less than a minute to have it installed.