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Ashton Kutcher to Pirate Killers Premiere

TV star, Twitter celebrity and… movie pirate? It looks like Ashton Kutcher plans to add yet another facet to his image, as the actor announced today via Twitter that he is going to pirate at least part of the premiere of his upcoming movie Killers. “June 1 I’m going live 2 the web & Pirating the 1st 10 min of Killers from the premiere,” part of the tweet read, which was posted by Kutcher earlier today.

Ashton Kutcher is best known in the new media space for being an avid Twitter user, where he has amassed close to five million followers. However, Kutcher has also been embracing online video, regularly posting clips on YouTube and Facebook and streaming live content via Qik and Ustream. He’s been most active on Ustream in recent months, so we shouldn’t be too surprised to see his Killers live stream pop up there as well.

Of course, streaming ten minutes of a movie doesn’t really put him in the same league as those that film an entire movie and distribute it via BitTorrent — but there are some interesting copyright implications to this promotional stunt.

Back in November, a 22-year old Chicago woman was arrested for taping three minutes of video during a showing of the vampire movie New Moon. However, it turned out the woman wasn’t a movie pirate, but merely tried to capture some pictures of her sister’s birthday party. Charges were eventually dropped after the film’s director intervened, but the company running the theater in question insisted in a press release that it didn’t have any choice but call the cops:

Muvico will continue to enforce the “zero-tolerance policy” adopted by the MPAA and fully supports anti-piracy laws and the motion picture industry’s efforts to protect against copyright infringement. Under the law, any unauthorized audio or visual taping in a movie auditorium while the feature film is playing, regardless of the length of recording, is a federal and state offense that Muvico is compelled to report.

Pictures from Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account.

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2 Responses to “Ashton Kutcher to Pirate Killers Premiere”

  1. It’s a marketing stunt. This is not the first time the first few minutes of a movie have been allowed to be shown online, this is just Ashton’s spin on it to grab the media’s attention.