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Atlantic Suspends Work On Business News Site — Maybe Next Year?

After a series of long delays, Atlantic Media is putting the creation of an online news site on hold. Sources have told paidContent for months that the new site, which has been in the works since October, is dead, but the company’s reps have consistently denied this. Even now, executives aren’t saying they’re pulling the plug. Justin Smith, the president of Atlantic Media, publisher of The Atlantic Monthly, told Daily Finance that the launch might occur next year, as he and Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley have been concentrating on relaunching the company’s National Journal brand.

Plans for a business news site first hit a roadblock when Michael Kinsley, who was tapped to head the project, walked away from it after four months.

In addition to not having a hard business news background, Kinsley changed his mind after discussions with Justin Smith, who was given the added responsibilities of running the National Journal Group in addition to his role as president of Atlantic Consumer Media.

Since then, the company has said that the launch was happening in early spring. When that period passed, the launch was aimed for “late spring, early summer.”

On a more positive note, earlier this week, The Atlantic claimed that it was having a pretty good year so far, claiming that ad pages were up 21.75 percent this year, while ad revs at project grew 155 percent in the first half of the year.