Xcom Global Offers Flat-rate MiFi for International Travelers


Traveling outside the U.S. can be expensive when it comes to roaming data plans. Each country has different requirements and different pricing, and roaming charges are often exorbitant. Xcom Global is now offering the daily rental of a Novatel MiFi 2372, which includes unlimited data in 21 countries. The daily rental is $17.95, and the unlimited data can be shared among five devices over the Wi-Fi connection to the MiFi.

XCom also offers a cheaper USB modem plan for $14.95, but that connectivity is limited to the one device with the modem. These plans are not inexpensive, but not bad for unlimited data and offer a good fit for the business traveler visiting several countries and in need of full data connectivity to get work done. It’s also a good way to keep in touch with those back home via Skype. Hopefully this MiFi 2372 isn’t one of those affected by the recalls.

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I just got screwed by these guys. Rented for a trip to Paris, which was cancelled because the airport was closed. They stuck me for twice the shipping.

Buyer beware. Sounds to me like these guys are riding on the edge of failure, but who knows. Don’t let them take you for a ride like they did me.

Edward Brooks

Hey Everyone, I just came back from Japan & Australia and I rented one of these MiFi’s from XCcom Global. The MiFi is a very small light weight hotspot. We were so impressed by the Hi Speed and how far you could be away from it. My wife was in the bedroom and I was outside on the patio. All you do is hit the power button and that’s it. We rented it for two weeks and it was well worth it.

Kenneth Herskind

James, I appreciate your comments about XCom Global and our international services.

We are aware of the some potential problems with the MiFi device, however, we have not yet had any trouble ourselves. Apparently, most of the problems were due to the back cover of the MiFi which can be difficult to remove.

However to be safe, we have already switched out all back covers with a replacement that we provided to us by Novatel.

-Kenneth Herskind, XCom Global, Inc.


does it really make sense for the device to be included? i would think the average person interested in this would already have a GSM smartphone with tethering capabilities. why not just a SIM card that can be dropped in anything GSM at a cheaper price since they do not have to supply the MiFi or dongle?

Leslie Anne

I visited Hong Kong last December and China Mobile has unlimited GSM data for visitors at the amazing price of less than $20 a month. That includes some voice but it is also very cheap. The downside is that it is mostly 2G but 3G is being rolled out. I used this in my Android Dream phone and tethered it to my netbook.


Really? I would have thought it was the other way around, with GSM being so standardized worldwide, it’s when people come to the US that they get screwed. I have a 5-band world phone that gets 3G all across Europe and many other parts of the world, yet I get kicked back to EDGE when using a US carrier because of no support on the 2100MHz band.

15 bucks isn’t bad though for unlimited data, but I’d still prefer a solution that lets me tether my smartphone rather than buy a separate modem.


In France, a foreign traveler can choose one of these solution Pay As You Go :
– Bouygues Telecom : 29€ (and sometimes 9€) for the USB 3G key and unlimited quota for 8€/day (only if you start a connection in the day)
– Auchan Mobile Hyper@ : 29€ for the USB 3G key and 29,90€/month for 2GB without contract, you stop (and restart if needed) when you want month by month. And best of all, quota is valid for 2 months, so you stop in the first month and continue the rest of quota in the 2nd month, so 14,95€/1GB/month without contract

Dave Johnson

Nice… I travel to Japan a lot, and this would be useful.

Also, could use my iPhone in Japan to place Skype calls!

Rick Broida

Sweet. I actually think $17.95/day is pretty cheap, especially considering the convenience of not having to stay tethered to hotel and/or Internet cafe hotspots.

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