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Warner Bros. Assigns Junge To Oversee Online Gaming Push

Time (NYSE: TWX) Warner’s Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, which made a big move into online gaming with the acquisition last month of Turbine Inc., now has an executive to oversee the effort. The company has appointed Jeff Junge to the new position of SVP of online games and digital games platforms.

Junge was previously in charge of mergers and acquisitions for Warner Bros. and had overseen the company’s $160 million acquisition of Turbine, which is behind the Lord of the Rings-branded massive multiplayer online game. (According to a release, he also led several of Warner Bros.’ other recent gaming related purchases, including the acquisitions of Midway Games and Rocksteady Studios) Warner Bros. says that in addition to Turbine, Junge will also oversee the integration of TT Games, another studio which the company purchased several years back.