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Rubicon Project Buys Malware Monitor SiteScout

Looking for a little extra marketing leverage, online inventory manager The Rubicon Project has bought malware detector SiteScout. Terms weren’t disclosed. This is the first acquisition Rubicon has made since raising a $9 million third round in September. The purchase of Seattle-based SiteScout, which has raised a small amount of seed money in its five years of existence, is meant to broaden Rubicon’s services as topics like ad verification and other forms of ad protection are attracting a lot more attention from marketers, agencies and publishers.

In a conversation with paidContent, Craig Roah, Rubicon’s COO and a co-founder, and SiteScout CEO Rob Lipschutz, said that the alliance should have some appeal to publishers who might want to avoid problems like those experienced by the last September, when it warned readers not to click on ads on its site, which had been infected by malware. “These kinds of problems can scare off users and cause publishers to lose a lot of money,” Lipschutz said. “The wasn