Forbes Acquires Freelance Journalism Site TrueSlant

TrueSlant, the journalism site founded by Lewis Dvorkin, has been acquired by Forbes. We first reported on the sale talks last week. The company raised $3 million in August 2008 from Forbes and Fuse Capital; Dvorkin has also been consulting with Forbes for since April, so likely this is a very family-friendly acquisition, meaning low single digit millions at best, if that. Lot more details on the background of the site in our previous sale talks post. Updated: DVorkin writes in detail about the decision to sell. In short, VC money in this environment, for this kind of venture is tough, hence the sale.

With this sale, DVorkin will now lead all editorial areas at Forbes as Chief Product Officer effective June 1. He was, in a previous life, exec editor of the Forbes magazine from Dec 1996 to Apr 2000. In his new capacity DVorkin will be “creating and implementing many new initiatives in the editorial product and the engagement of Forbes