Bezos: Don’t Hold Breath For Color Kindle

Jeff Bezos Holding Kindle

OK, Jeff Bezos didn’t exactly say not to hold your breath for a color Kindle but he did explain to shareholders at Amazon’s annual meeting why they shouldn’t count on one any time soon. Or, put his way, why it’s “still a long way out.” According to AP, Bezos didn’t dismiss the idea but said the versions he’s seen in the lab aren’t read yet for “prime-time” production.

The iPad’s LCD color screen is beautiful in standard light but almost unreadable in the sun or any kind of bright light. (I write from experience.) The Kindle’s black-and-white e-ink is more readable in circumstances that don’t require additional light or backlight. Unlike the iPad, though, the Kindle isn’t usable in the dark.

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) shareholders are similarly in the dark when it comes to how many Kindles have been sold. Amazon continues to brag that the e-reader is its top seller but won’t hang a number on the boast. All Bezos would say today: “millions.”


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