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Lost Series Finale a Twitter Earthquake

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The season finale of Lost yesterday was seen by 13.5 million viewers in the U.S., plus millions more around the globe through an unprecedented simulcast aimed at preventing P2P piracy. Pundits may think that’s weak, since earlier episodes of had up to 20 million people viewers, but one thing hasn’t changed: Lost gets people talking.

Lost fans sent out a total of 437,613 tweets during the series finale, according to new data from Trendrr. Just as a quick frame of reference: Twitter darling Glee got less than 20,000 tweets when its most recent episode aired last week.

Of course, “lost” isn’t exactly the easiest term to track. People lose their keys, get lost on the way to a restaurant, and so on. In fact, there were a total of 643,000 tweets mentioning the word yesterday (note to networks: if you want to utilize social media, learn from Glee and don’t use generic show names). Trendrr excluded all mentions of the word itself except for the time the finale aired, which means that countless “can’t wait 4 Lost finale 2night” tweets didn’t even make it into these stats.

Also noteworthy: The tweets include some early morning participation from Europe, as the UK’s Sky1 aired final episode simultaneously with the U.S. West Coast. Brits got to see the finale today at 5 a.m. local time, according to a report from the Guardian. There were also simulcasts in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada. From the Guardian story:

“The unprecedented scheduling move aims to prevent illegal Internet downloads of the finale – and save UK fans of the show from having to spend five days dodging web spoilers.”

I know exactly what they’re talking about. I didn’t catch the finale yesterday, and I’ve been on a Twitter diet all day…

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5 Responses to “Lost Series Finale a Twitter Earthquake”

  1. 13 million+ viewers is not that exciting. MASH had over 100 million. I got bored with LOST after the second episode, but I tuned in for this hyped up finale. My first thought was how LOST will be forgotten in a few years, and I don’t see this doing well in syndication. How could it- The episodes can’t stand on their own? The second thought was how ER had so much more of an impact with Dr. Green’s death, and this big “lost” event will probably be lost in history (hopefully along with key words like “meme”). This series finale, to me, was nothing more than an emulation of a poignant scenario which NBC nailed down with ER years ago. But hey,…it got twitter excited. I applaud this series on tapping into die hard fans. That’s great. But I just wanted to add proper perspective. There’s a lot more to life then a TV show written around audience research.