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Stevie Spring: Murdoch Paywalls Break ‘Basic Rules Of Marketing’

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By Mark Sweney: Stevie Spring, the chief executive of the magazine publisher Future, believes that Rupert Murdoch’s paywall will fail because it breaks the “norms of marketing” on consumer attitudes to digital content.

Spring, talking on the subject of digital strategy generally, said that digital sales of Future’s gadget mag T3 had increased sixfold since the iPad launched in the US, but that the jury was still out on whether Apple’s device was “a bubble or bandwagon”.

She was unconvinced by News International’s paywall plan, shortly to come into effect at the Times and Sunday Times.

I think the world is moving to two types of product, access and keepable,” she said, speaking to “Where people want access only, which is what a lot of online is about, unless there is truly unique content, ‘must have’ content, it is almost impossible to charge for.”

Spring added that content that fell into the “access” category, which can easily be found from many sources, included news, weather and “songs on Spotify”.

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