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Weekend Poll: Will You Buy a Google TV?

Google (s GOOG) announced its Google TV platform this week, and it has already lined up Sony (s SNE) and Logitech (s LOGI) to manufacture devices that are supposed to be on the shelves in time for the holiday season. The big question is: Will consumers bite?

Some argue that most consumers simply don’t want another box in their living room, especially not one that doesn’t even replace an existing device. Google TV advocates would likely respond that you don’t have to buy a box to put Google on the tube. Sure, Logitech’s so-called companion box is likely going to be the cheapest Google TV platform out there, but Sony will also sell a TV set dubbed Internet TV as well as a Blu-ray player with Google TV running on it.

So what would your choice be? Would Google TV be a good reason to finally buy a Blu-ray device? Would you go for the Logitech box to keep things simple (and money in your pocket)? Or would you pass on Google TV altogether? Let us know in the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

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12 Responses to “Weekend Poll: Will You Buy a Google TV?”

  1. ghostaliaz

    I will purchase a google tv box as soon as they come out. Yes us techies/Computer Geeks have had it on our computers for years, but nothing beats sitting down & relaxing on our soft couches or soft recliners or home theater’s looking at online tv/video & yes us computer geeks have our computer’s already in the living room,but what I want to do is not have to turn my computer on & instead just click the power on my iphone, iPad or android tablet based software app remote & cut on my Google tv & yes I already control most of my tech with my iPhone & iPad because yes I am a true tech lover. I will be glad to purchase google tv because I trust them & what they bring out because they have not let me down yet. I love there search engine,Gmail,Google Maps,Youtube,Google reader,Google News,Google Buzz,Google Talk aka (GTalk),Google Voice Search Capability on my iPhpne & I just love all of there products & I will buy this Google TV Box as soon as it comes out. I Will always support this company because to me Google has been good to the people & they try to help us as much as they can, so I respect there business model.

  2. DK Jones

    I’ve been using a 17″ Intel iMac to view online content for several years. It’s connected to my HDTV and 5.1 sound system. I gave up cable, so use Hulu, IMDb, Surf the Channel,, network sites and OTA HD/SD, as well as all the Jazz I want on iTunes ‘net radio. I’ve got all my ripped movies and music on external HDDs. Having a couple of other Macs, which also can connect to smaller TVs, I stream my owned content to other rooms or use the web browser for viewing content. I think having a full-fledged computer is the better choice but, for some the price is too much or they think it’s too much of a learning curve, so maybe a set-top box by Google, Boxxee or someone else or a net-connected disc media player or HDTV is the right choice.

    How many ads will these devices throw at consumers and what about increased data collection and mining by Google?

  3. Not buying it. Google demoed a broken piece of equipment which didn’t even work for them, and they have a broken business model. The only real money they’ll make is by selling your user data to the federal government.

  4. As long as it caters for old school content requirements too, it will be successful.
    Right now I use a Windows Media Centre as it does everything (I mean EVERYTHING) well and my Wife can use it without having to ask me how…..

    But it NEEEDS to do DVB-* and DVR. Over the Air will never be completely obsolete. You simply cannot beat the bandwidth distribution per infrastructure cost of terrestrial TV.


  5. I think the “make-or-break” factors will be:

    Initial content/app offering
    Ease of use and great experience
    Integration of Web content in the experience (e.g. IMDB)
    Freedom to tweak and install new apps
    Ever expanding selection of apps and content

    It should be as open as a PC, with an iPhone/iPad-level experience.

  6. Hello TV friends. This is another DEVICE, we don’t need.
    I have eyeTV. THE FUTURE IS A VIRTUAL RECEIVER. Give us bandwith and use the minimac as a programmable set top box.
    Grüsse aus Europa