The Web Will Be the Master Copy of Human Knowledge


In the near future, the web is going to be the master copy of human knowledge. We need to figure out ways to use that knowledge. — Hakon Wium Lie, chief technology officer of Opera Software, in an interview with GigaOM.


Sean OBrien

The web cannot become the repository of human knowledge because there is no mechanism to prevent data deletion or modification. A key first step is the use of archival quality files with datestamps, a hash, and read-only tags.

Ankit Jain

Web can never be a master copy of knowledge of it can be only master copy of human information.

Om Malik

It is always fun to re-introduce this since we are always so busy and sometimes let the fun stuff slip ;-)

Manpreet Singh

That’s an insightful statement. The web will hold a lot of human knowledge. Whether it will be in silos like wikipedia, facebook or twitter or scattered all over is a different question.

All the more reason for semantic analysis and data mining. It seems the results of these will be useful to people when they see them but until then not a lot of people are asking for it. Maybe that’s why there is slow progress in this space.

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