TechUniversity: HTML Signatures in Mail


Apple makes it fairly easy to do basic text formatting for HTML signatures, but using HTML to create more complex signatures requires a bit more work.

In this TechUniversity HTML Signatures in Mail screencast (subscription required), we’ll take a look at how to create a custom HTML signature for use in

View the full HTML Signatures in Mail screencast on TechUniversity (subscription required)

Screencast Sample


TQ White II

Please let me know it’s pay on the front page. I’m fine with paid but I don’t want to waste time if I know it’s not worth it to me.

Khürt L Williams

While I can and have created my own HTML signature I can see how this content might be useful to less tech savvy Apple blog readers. Don’t stop doing what you are doing just because of a few nay-sayers.


I have to agree, I was stunned to see the bait and switch. In future, please consider putting a big green “$” at the front of the headline so those who are still checking out the headlines here will know in advance the article is actually an ad.

I normally keep my opinions to myself, but the opportunity is presenting itself: I’m sad to say I find this blog not as great as it once was. Used to be one of the better ones with fresh and insightful content. Of late I frequent here less and less. This kind of article shows me the blog isn’t fitting my pistol anymore. (Sorry to harsh on your blog. I intend the comment as constructive.)

Josh Pigford

JT: Point taken. “Bait and switch” certainly wasn’t my intention, but I understand what you’re saying about needing a more obvious way to denote that the post is a promo post.

Hoping to come up with a solution in the next day or two.

Thanks for being a reader!


While this might be good practical advice, I ain’t paying to see it. Also, no discussion of HTML signatures is complete until you inform the readers of the names they will be called if they actually use an HTML signature.

“Lame-O,” “idiot,” “MySpace goon” and “old-timer” come to mind. No one with any kind of tech cred would be so lame as to have an HTML signature.

Frank Fuller

I agree that asking your readers to switch, then bait is out of the question.


& using a non iPhone/iPad compatible flash video plug in, double-fail.

Josh Pigford

Bob, please actually visit the site on an iPhone/iPad before commenting. Doing so will show you that we automatically replace the Flash player with a compatible quicktime movie that plays perfectly fine on both iPhone and iPad.


Are you serious…. charging us to learn about something that with a little du diligence most can figure out thru Google or other blog & websites. I do not understand. I am not sure who your core reader group is, but I would assume techie’s. And techie’s can find quite a bit out without having to pay. I wish you luck, but I am not far from switching blog sites to read about what is cool in Apple.

Josh Pigford

JP, we aren’t forcing you to pay anything. TheAppleBlog always has and always will be free. But we’ve recently launched TechUniversity, which is indeed a for-pay screencast site and we’re choosing to let TAB readers know about it.

These posts are made to let people know about new content on TechUniversity that they might be interested in. Since you’ve decided that TechUniversity isn’t for you…fine. Don’t read the posts here on TAB that start with “TechUniversity.” Problem solved. Nobody needs to go off and “switch blog sites.” :)

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