paidContent Quick Hits 5.21.10


»  Philadelphia Newspapers’ Brian Tierney is relinquishing his office and CEO role today in advance of surrendering the company to its new owners later this summer. [Philadelphia Business Today]

»  Spain’s physical music sales are so bad — or perhaps, its taxes are so high — that levies on blank CDs/DVDs has outstripped royalties tied to actual recordings. [BillboardBiz]

»  Aegis Media has restructured digital marketing services unit Isobar into an “agency network,” which is designed to meet clients’ demands for greater global integration among the company’s various parts. [Mediapost]

»  Worried about the privacy disclosures on Facebook’s and MySpace? (NYSE: NWS) Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis is following up What Would Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Do? with a nuanced view on the “current privacy mania.” [Buzzmachine]

»  Did LimeWire’s attorney suggest that the file-sharing service destroy evidence in its legal battle with the record industry? The debate is now and a decision could come June 7. [Cnet]

If you happen to go to Google’s main search page, you’ll see a PacMan screen in place of the search giant’s name. It’s in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary. If you have some time, click the “Insert Coin” button on the right and see what happens (Hint: keep your fingers on your). [Google Help Forum]

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