Travel a Little Lighter This Summer –- With Remote Access to Your Computer


Whether you’re going to see Grandma or the world’s largest ball of twine, one thing’s for sure: summer is the time for travel. And with remote access on your computer, you can travel light without worrying about leaving anything behind. All you need is a LogMeIn account and an Internet connection to access your home and work computer desktops, all your files, emails and applications from wherever you are.

Here’s how to get your computer ready:

  1. Go to the LogMeIn Free page at
  2. Set up your free LogMeIn account and download the Free software to any computers you want to access remotely.
  3. Enjoy your summer knowing you can always get to your computers whenever you need to.

You can also travel light with remote computer access on your mobile. LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and…coming soon…Android, puts all your computers at your fingertips.

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Happy trails!

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