TechUniversity: Preview


On the surface, Apple’s Preview application doesn’t appear to do much other than display PDFs and images. But it actually is quite powerful and has some really great features.

In this TechUniversity Preview screencast (subscription required), we’ll take an in-depth look at both PDF and image functionality.

For PDF documents, we’ll cover:

  • Combining PDFs
  • Searching PDFs
  • Bookmarking PDFs
  • Annotating PDFs

For images, we’ll cover:

  • Selection Tools
  • Slideshows
  • Adjustment Tools

View the full Preview screencast on TechUniversity (subscription required)

Screencast Sample



but you are wrong…this is a requirement if one reads the blog post and wants to know about the post and watch the video…so you can live in your world that it’s ok to do this…and I will live in my world of it’s wrong

the fact is…the only comments on this post are between you and I and therefore clearly states that others don’t care about this post and are not taking this as a serious thing…and therefore your advertisers will not for long agree to pay you to advertise on a page that is all about you making more money than what they are giving you…good luck


well it is apparent you are not doing something right because none of the other apple blogs are doing some thing like this…so my suggestion is…sell it because you are going to loose readers and therefore have no advertisers and therefore no business period

I’m sorry to say this…but the next article I have to read that requires me to pay you to do so…will be my last…and I’m sure I won’t be the only one…you have a lot of nerve to base your blog on a paid service…get a grip…we come to apple blogs for apple info and help…not to pay someone for something we may or may not need…so if you want to do something on the side..advertise it…write an article every once in a while talking about the service and what it can do for people…but every other article on your site SHOULD NOT require your loyal readers to cough up come cash…that is wrong and unacceptable

Josh Pigford

Alexis: If only it were that simple.

But for clarification, we’re not requiring you to pay anything to read content on TheAppleBlog. All the content on TheAppleBlog is free. On the TechUniversity stuff, if you want to click through to view the videos, you’ll need to pay. But since you’ve already decided you aren’t interested in TechUniversity, don’t click through. Easy as that.


why do you keep pushing this subscription based site on us…this is making me decide to remove your site from my RSS feeds because the last thing I want is to have to pay to see more

total bait and switch

shame on you

Josh Pigford

TechUniversity is a new site of ours and the content is relevant.

In regards to why we’re pushing a subscription service, ultimately, at the end of the day, we’re a business and if we don’t make money, then we don’t exist.

So, we can keep relying on ad revenue here on TAB and none of us will have jobs in a few years and TAB will cease to exist, or we can find new ways to keep the lights on.

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