Sprint EVO 4G Reviews Roll In: 4G Nice but Drains Battery

Sprint EVO thumb

The first reviews of the Sprint EVO 4G are appearing on the web, and I haven’t seen any surprises to knock it off my want list. Sprint and HTC have joined to bring what is undoubtedly the most powerful Android phone, make that smartphone, ever produced. The reviews do a good job showing how smooth and fast the performance is on the EVO. Reviewers also seemed impressed with the 4G performance when coverage was available, although 4G connectivity hits the battery hard.

This battery drainage on 4G is what I expected; the Sprint Overdrive modem I use is rated for 3 hours of 4G connectivity and the EVO 4G is working the same way. It’s a given the battery must be hit hard using 4G. Hopefully Sprint and HTC can tweak this battery usage somewhat over time.

The most thorough review I’ve seen of the EVO 4G is by Chris Ziegler of engadget. His video review shows every aspect of the phone’s operation, and he seems impressed with the EVO so far. Other reviews of interest are Sascha Segan’s of PC Magazine and Walt Mossberg’s of the WSJ.

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