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Logitech CEO: Why We Embrace Google TV

Logitech (s LOGI) is one of the first companies to bring a device based on the newly announced Google TV (s GOOG) platform to market, the company said today at Google I/O. The company calls its as-of-yet unnamed product a “companion set-top box,” meaning that you connect it to your TV set as well as your TiVo (s TIVO), your DISH (s DISH) set-top box or whatever else you have on your living-room shelf. Consumers will essentially daisy-chain these devices via HDMI and then use Logitech’s box to control all devices in the chain.

Logitech’s box will be available in the fall. The company hasn’t made any information about pricing available yet, but a spokesperson told me today at a Logitech press event that DISH subscribers will be able to get a subsidized box through the satellite TV provider. Logitech gave members of the press a really short demo of the device, mostly showing off how it plays well with other devices while putting lesser emphasis on the actual Google platform. It also showed off two remote control apps for Android and iPhone (s AAPL) OS that will be available at launch time.

The Logitech box prototype shown at the event featured two HDMI ports, as well as two USB ports, an IR blaster and an Ethernet port. It will initially be sold with a compact-sized keyboard, and there will be a camera for video chats available as an add-on.

Logitech’s CEO Jerry Quindlen told me that part of the reason the company embraces Google TV is the option to extend the TV experience, which in turn gives Logitech a chance to sell more peripherals. “People want to access the full web”, he said, and that adds the desire for new devices that people are used from a PC or web experience.

Quindlen also said that it’s not about adding another box to your living room, but about enabling a complete Internet experience, and said he believes people are willing to pay for that. Watch the complete interview below.

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15 Responses to “Logitech CEO: Why We Embrace Google TV”

  1. Yes you can search TV programs via your DVR using Direct TV. But what Google TV is introducing is a platform for you to be able to access your TV and internet all from the comfort of your couch or easier chair on your television. This way you have access to both from one component “namely your TV using your remote” I think this is cool. I am interested in seeing how our site will look on a big Sony flat screen TV and how the text and images, videos etc.. will display. To be able to search the internet from your TV is a plus. I would much rather sit on the couch and do my internet work than sit on a chair and stare at the computer. The only thing that I see that might be a set back is the remote. Typing and performing tasks as on a remote keyboard will take sometime getting use too compared to using your PC keyboard as far as speed and efficiency. Anyhow you all watch as this will become the new wave of internet use for those that can afford it for now. PC prices will drop and others will jump into the ball game such as Bing and maybe yahoo. I can’t wait to see how our site shows up and look for a lot of websites trying to optimize to be seen clearly on a flat screen TV.

  2. Logitech makes the worst products and do not care about the customers.

    The last Performance Mouse MX has the serious technical issues with middle wheel to turn it left-right then you work with Excel.

    The Management not only doesn`t try to test product before launched, they also blind to millions customers complains. Their respond is “there is no known issue with regard to the position of the scroll wheel”. They can lie to CEO, but not to the market !

    Do not buy Logitech products, do not become its partner and do not invest in company, that do not care about the quality and support.

  3. Why we embrace Google TV? Well, we tried the Hillcrest. Didn’t exactly succeed. Yahoo isn’t about helping us grow our peripheral devices business. And Sony isn’t scared of our devices. So, two words. Makes sense.

    But if you ask me if Google TV will succeed..well, that’s something else. We wish it does. Now, it’s getting late. Lemme go and watch plain old linear tv.

  4. couchp

    If you don’t want another box, or you dont want web on your tv, don’t buy it. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

    You must be kidding, you can “already search on your DVR.” YOu my friend are clueless.

  5. Chris K

    SEems more about Google becoming the search and advertising standard for commercial television than anything exciting for customers.

    I can already search my DVR for upcoming TV shows. Why do I need to put Google’s interface on top of it?

    I don’t want the web on my TV. It’s better on a laptop or ipad on my lap while I sit on the couch in front of the TV.

    Also I detect a conflict between Google making it easier for us to find TV shows and at the same telling us we can now experience millions of channels and can search for them with keyboards and other awkward “couch controllers.”

  6. Hi newteevee. Logitech has made a smart move to partner with Google on this. This is one of the most exciting announcement to come out of Google I/O for consumers at every level. This will take watching TV to a new level of being more than just a mundane experience. Thanks for the video.