First Video Look: Android 2.2 (Froyo) and Flash 10.1


In conjunction with this announcement, Adobe (s adbe) formally introduced Flash 10.1 for Android. Flash 10.1 brings full Flash handling to Android and the web browser.

You can see both Froyo and the new Flash in action in this video, including the speed improvements. The Nexus One shown is the fastest Android phone I’ve seen yet, due to the new Android 2.2. In the video this speed improvement is shown against the Verizon (s vz) Droid Incredible, the previous performance champ.

Note: The Flash 10.1 public beta for Android kicks off today, and Android 2.2 is the minimum system requirement. The new version has dependencies only present in Android 2.2 and will not work with earlier versions of Android. The beta will be available for download in the Android Market, but only for phones with Froyo installed. Google has not yet finalized which handsets will be getting an Android 2.2 update.

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Dude you suck at reviewing. Learn how to prepare for the camera.


Seriously, the “battery argument” is tired and meaningless. You can buy an extra battery, you can buy a bigger battery, you can buy an external battery powered charger, solar charger, car chargers, wall chargers….if you really have battery problems these days, it’s because you’re cheap or lazy or both, not because there’s a problem with batteries. Get with the program and out of the way of technology advancing forward.


Man – is the Android community really just a bunch of 13-year-old a-holes?


You most likely have Flash Lite on your desire. Load up this page ->

If you have the Flash Player 10.1 beta, you should see version And the FP beta requires FroYo 2.2, which is also not running on your desire.


I also have a desire, and you page tells me that my current version of the flash player is the following: Of course, I don’t have Froyo installed.

Martin Edic

Given that the 2.1 upgrade to my Eris basically fried the phone and has terrible battery life, I can’t imagine wanting the utter crappiness of Flash added to the mess that is Android. After using the OS for a few months I think it is counterintuitive, clumsy and overly complex. And there is virtually no support anywhere per the ‘you’re not allowed to contact us in any way’ policy at Google.


2.2 looks like a great improvement over previous versions, but what is it with the jerky and oft-delayed multitouching on Android? Zooming, scrolling doesn’t just happen like on the iPhone 3GS.

Surfing the web, on wifi as he said, isn’t really faster than on the iPhone either.

I’d definitely get a phone with 2.2 tho, along with the new iPhone.



what’s the url that Adobe is using to showcase optimized Flash content?



The Nexus one is a really nice phone.. but i don’t get it why htc always uses these f***ing touchbuttons on the bottom. The htc hero would be the only phone i could really work with.. because its the only one with real hardware buttons


Buttons get worn out touch virtual buttons don’t! And this from a hero owner!

Hong Cho

James, as soon as you enabled the WiFi hotspot, you are no longer on WiFi… Your 3G was so good that you didn’t even notice that. :p


wonder if the new EVO will get 2.2 or a quick upgrade?



Any idea when Froyo will be available for the general public on the Nexus One? Also, what was your experience with Froyo and the N1’s battery life?



All in all Android 2.2 looks incredible. I just got done watching the live broadcast and I was struck by the amount of innovation around Android in just a few years especially compared to windows over the past 20+

Goes to show how an open platform can really innovate quickly with proper support.


“in just a few years”?

How about less than two years? Or, just 18 months?


What they don’t mention here is that it melts your battery!


Come’on Mike give them a break. At least its released and it is going to rock the ipad boat. Better late than never.
As long as the Dell mini 5 and EVO get it – I am fine ;)


“The Flash 10.1 public beta for Android kicks off today, and Android 2.2 is the minimum system requirement.”

“Google has not yet finalized which handsets will be getting an Android 2.2 update.”

Nope, no fragmentation here. Move along.

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