What’s Yahoo Launching Monday in NYC? And Its Google TV Envy

So what’s Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) launching/announcing Monday in NYC? According to a press invite sent out earlier today right in the middle of the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) TV launchageddon, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz will be talking Monday morning at Nasdaq site about “an exciting announcement about providing global consumers with rich online and mobile experiences, and bringing forward a new era in keeping consumers connected.” That sounds too vague to me, but the phrase “connected” make me think of its now-on-now-off Yahoo Connected TV widgets-on-TV initiative. Which would be interesting in the face of Google TV launch, and unlikely to match the star power of Google’s launch, if true. The conference comes two days before Yahoo’s investor day with Bartz, Tim Morse, EVP & CFO and Hilary Schneider, EVP Yahoo Americas and other select Yahoo management in attendance, back in Sunnyvale.

Meanwhile, back to Yahoo’s penis…oops..Google TV envy.

In the middle of the Google launch, Yahoo’s external PR agency sent out an email outlining “latest information on Yahoo!