Blog Post Takes 10-Foot Viewing Into the Browser With HTML5

Clicker has taken its online video search and discovery tools one step further, with a new website that provides a 10-foot viewing experience without the need to install a new application., which launches in beta at Google I/O today, leverages HTML5 to provide a new way for users who hook their PCs to their TVs to easily navigate its programming guide.

The new site was launched as a rival to Boxee and other software vendors that provide a framework for watching TV on the big screen. With, users that have connected their PCs to their TV sets can browse TV and movie programming available online for free on sites like Hulu or, through storefronts like Amazon’s (s AMZN) Video on Demand, Apple’s (s AAPL) iTunes, or as part of Netflix’s (s NFLX) subscription streaming service.

Using only web-standard controls, will enable users to navigate the company’s Internet video programming guide with their keyboard’s arrow keys, or even a remote configured to work with their PC. To search, users need only start typing the name of the program they’re looking for; Clicker will automatically start searching for it and provide auto-complete suggestions without users even having to hit “enter.”

While providing a new browser interface, the HTML5 version of Clicker’s program guide has all the same features available through its original website, including an index of more than 650,000 TV episodes from over 10,000 shows, as well as more than 30,000 movies and 80,000 music videos. also enables viewers to view content arranged into more than 1,400 categories and multiple different media types. And the site supports Clicker’s playlist functionality, enabling users to create playlists of their favorite shows and set notifications for when new episodes are available. is optimized for Google’s (s GOOG) Chrome web browser — and should be, since it’s launching today at I/O. It’s also available in Firefox (version 3.6 and up), Safari (version 4.0 and up), and Microsoft (s MSFT) Internet Explorer (version 8 and up).

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3 Responses to “ Takes 10-Foot Viewing Into the Browser With HTML5”

  1. Had to check it out with Chrome. . . pretty cool. To bad they couldn’t stream the shows right there but I’m sure the owners/hosts would have a cow over that one. But a great one stop to find shows.