Google Previews Chrome Web App Store

A common problem on the web, according to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) VP of product management Sundar Pichai: Finding “great” web apps. “Let’s try to find a great chess game on the web. It’s very hard to find one that’s really good,” he said at Google’s ongoing I/O Conference. “You can’t see ratings. You can’t see reviews. You can’t see how many people are using it.”

So, Google is launching an online store built into its Google Chrome web browser and forthcoming Chrome OS operating system where users will be able to find — and buy — apps. During a demo, Pichai showed how a user could set the store up to buy apps with one click a la iPhone app store.

Noteworthy that Google thinks an app store is a better solution to the “problem” than adding new functionality to its search engine, which, after all, is designed to find things on the web.

But the store has obvious tie-ins to Chrome OS. For the operating system to catch on, there will need to be a simple way for users to add and access apps without having to head to the search box. And, indeed, Google says that when a user adds an app from the store “a convenient shortcut is added” to Chrome for easy access. It will also presumably be added to the Chrome OS app menu, which lets users quickly select and go to different apps.

No launch date, although Pichai said the store will “come soon.”