Video: Togetherville Tries to Make a Safe Social Network for Kids


Togetherville, a new social network created for parents and kids, launched its public beta this evening. A tough challenge lays ahead for the startup as it tries to balance creating a safe environment for kids, building trust for parents, and — oh yeah — making it fun so that people will actually want to use it.

Mandeep S. Dhillon, Togetherville CEO, gave us a video demo of how his service works and talked about:

  • How the company will use virtual currency to monetize
  • Leveraging parents’ existing Facebook social graph
  • The precautions the company is taking to be COPPA-compliant
  • Using real-world — not anonymous — identities for children

Togetherville has been in the works for three years and received an undisclosed amount of funding from Floodgate.

For more on the social network landscape, read Liz’s in-depth piece There’s No Stopping Facebook over at our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro.



Ridiculous! How about the kids go interact by going outside to play. Are there really learning social “skills” with a Facebook precursor? What’s next social networking for fetuses? Sperm?

This is nothing but a money grab at parents. How can you say no to your poor child who wants a donkey for his Togetherville farm?

Luda Kirk

Great idea! I only wish it was around when my kids were young. Looks like a lot of wholesome fun.

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