VIDEO: Hands-on With GM's Android App for the Volt

General Motors (s gm) is the latest to recognize the power of Google’s (s goog) Android mobile operating system. On Tuesday, GM and Google announced that they plan to connect the automaker’s in-vehicle communications system, OnStar, with phones running on Google’s Android operating system. The partnership starts with a beefed-up mobile application that can manage features — like remote horn and engine start, battery charging management and location-based services — for the Chevy Volt, GM’s electric vehicle scheduled to roll out later this year.

The move represents the latest car company to cozy up to an Internet giant in order to deliver the next generation of connected cars. Earlier this year Ford (s f) and Microsoft (s msft) announced that Ford’s electric vehicles would be able to connect with Microsoft’s energy management software, Hohm. To see why GM is linking up with Google, and to check out a hands-on demo of the Android application, watch our video clip:

For more research on connected cars check out GigaOM Pro (subscription required):

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