GM Puts Android in the Driver’s Seat — on Video

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Nothing defines mobile tech more than automobiles, and GM (s gm) bringing Android to the Chevy Volt shows how technologies can be joined in a meaningful way. The Volt will appear this year and is going to use Android (s goog) to provide interaction with the owner that at times is downright spooky.

Want your electric car to remind you if you forget to plug it in to charge? The Volt and Android will do that. Or how about searching for a destination on your Android phone and having the destination sent to your car so it can take you there using Google Maps Navigation the next time you’re in the car? That’s the kind of meaningful interaction that Chevy and Android are bringing to Volt owners later this year.

Earth2Tech got a hands-on demonstration of the Android app on a Droid and shot a video of it in action that is really impressive. Up to now my inner geek has been jonesing for relatively cheap gadgets. Now I’m seriously wanting a Chevy Volt.

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So I’m out of luck if I own a Touch Pro 2?

This may be great in the short term for GM, but I think in the long term the consumer loses. At the rate cars change owners I don’t see how one platform can be exclusive to one auto maker and be expected to sell well. The smartphone market today is extremely volatile, with handsets changing hands far quicker than most people change their vehicles, and platform X overtaking platform y from one season to the next.

Can we expect to see every automaker adopt this technology for every smartphone platform? I think not. As useful as it may appear, this is no more than a high-tech gimmick.

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