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GigaOM Is Hiring! WordPress Jedi Wanted

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As one of our readers, you are among the most tech-savvy folks online, and if that savviness extends to either developing web content or managing it, we want to hear from you!

GigaOM is hiring. We’re looking for a senior-level WordPress developer and a Junior Webmaster, both full-time positions, as well as a project manager to work on a contract basis. All three require working out of our offices here in San Francisco.

Find out if it’s you we’re looking for to join our rapidly growing team — the required skills and experience for each position are laid out here. If so, we hope to you from you soon!

4 Responses to “GigaOM Is Hiring! WordPress Jedi Wanted”

  1. Java Guru

    Don’t really see why you would have to physically be at Friso to do this job. Just doesn’t make sense at all. Especially in this day and age of mobile/remote computing.

    Having PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, AJAX framework(s) coding skills is extremely common these days.

    This Job has OUTSOURCE written all over it. I would wager you could hire 4 or more full-time engineers in India, China, Brazil, Argentina or Russia to do the job of one salaried San Francisco Engineer.

    Looks like you guys aren’t running a very tight ship here.

    • Java Guru and AJAX Expert

    Wake up ! It’s 2010, almost all software development can be done remotely and virtual meetings can be held with ease. Your business model is looking weak.

    • Dan S.

      Thanks for the feedback… you raise a fair point. I’m head of product here at GigaOM and we already do have developers on contract across the US and in India that work extremely effectively with us. We’d like to add 1 or 2 more as FTEs here in our offices because we’ll benefit from the face-to-face communication on an ongoing daily basis. It’s a good news story… we’re growing rapidly and hiring… and looking to augment our terrific team of offsite contractors.

    • frank

      whoa – strange response critical of a company offering a job opening – regardless of the location. Obviously written by somewhat of dim light who equates employment location with sophistication of the hiring company. What country do you live in bro?