Google’s Schmidt Says It Will Fight Hard For AdMob Acquisition

Google Acquires AdMob For $750 Million In Stock

It’s been more than six months since Google (NSDQ: GOOG) agreed to pay $750 million for AdMob and the company is still waiting for government approval.

Many sources have said the FTC is considering blocking the deal between Google, the dominant online advertising company, and AdMob the largest mobile ad network. In an interview with *Reuters* today, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said they are prepared to fight “very hard” if regulators stop the deal. Additionally, he believes it should be approved in order for Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) to have more competitors.

A decision has been expected at any moment for the past couple of weeks, but Schmidt opened up the possibility to it taking longer by saying he anticipated a decision over the next few weeks.

To be sure, Google has faced significant delays. After Google announced its acquisition, Apple announced it was buying Quattro Wireless, and has since been able to integrate the company and relaunch its services as a mobile ad network called iAd.

Schmidt said the waiting period has translated to a “significant disadvantage” for AdMob in competing against Apple and other rivals. “It would be better if the AdMob acquisition can be approved to see if Google can get a more competitive market on the iPhone platform.”

If the FTC denies the acquisition, the two companies could be in limbo for many more months as its tied up in litigation. Schmidt said: “We’re likely to fight very hard…It’s a very strategic acquisition for Google.” Google’s incentive may also come in the form of cash. One report pegged Google’s kill fee at $700 million if the deal were to fall apart for any reason.

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