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First Look: How The UK Times’ New Paid Website Will Look

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London-based The Times’ Times Online is set to divide in two, perhaps next week, before going behind the first of Rupert Murdoch’s big consumer news paywalls in June.

So what exactly will your £1 a day, £2 a week or annual newspaper subscription buy you on the new and

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7 Responses to “First Look: How The UK Times’ New Paid Website Will Look”

  1. James Knaggs

    I am going to save any comments on usability until I have actually USED the website. @Brian – what do you expect them to do to deliver your news online? I presume there is going to be more to the website than a few screenshots…

  2. Brian

    So let me get this straight. I am now going to have to pay to get my news in the same format as everyone else, who is currently giving it away for free? Isn’t this an opportunity to do something more interesting with the UI. This seems to be the opposite of innovation. Is this a bad website, no. Is this anything taht makes me feel like I have received any additional value, absolutely not.

  3. @Matt: no, no, clearly I have no idea what works or doesn’t for them, or whether they’ve tested it (you’d hope so). I just thought it looked very different from the current site — which is not necessarily a bad thing. The current site (and other newspaper sites), however, must have ended up looking the way it does for a reason, presumably because in the past as well as wanting it to look nice they tested what worked well and didn’t, but that may be my assumption as well, of course. If they had tested the previous design and it was working well for them, it would be a radical change in design if they hadn’t also tested it.

  4. I’ve been critical, in the past, of page-turner digital editions that try to ape the print product, but I don’t see what all the negativity is about this. Judging from the grabs, they seem to have married both a real sense of engaging with The Times brand and character whilst, at the same time, being a news *website*. If that’s what they set out to do, then it looks like they’ve achieved it.

    It’s not automatically a *bad* thing that it reminds one of the newspaper. In fact, architecturally, the homepage is actually quite similar to

    Two points…
    1) How does it work when *used*? So far, we’ve only seen grabs.
    2) What’s it *for*? We’ve passed the point in time where news sites’ purpose is reproducing the paper content, and are in a 24/7 world. What, if anything, should be next? Is anyone reinventing the wheel? It may be that – aside from the additions of chat – like some others, doesn’t want to go much farther. The site’s intended *purpose* should affect how it’s judged.

  5. Matt Stephens

    So what part of this doesn’t work online MatthewBennett? I think it is nice to see some hierarchy to a news site (something that is now lacking in the recent redesign of The Guardian). Don’t forget, this is a jpeg and the real test will be the live version…

  6. Looks like one of the better ‘newspaper’ themes for WordPress. Do you think they’ve actually thought about what works online as opposed to someone saying: “well, just make it look more like the print newspaper a bit”?