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Where to Watch Google I/O Online

All eyes are on San Francisco’s Moscone Center this week, where 4,000 developers will gather for Google’s (s GOOG) I/O conference. The event was used last year to launch Google Wave.

It promises to put a lot of emphasis on the future of TV and online video this time around, as Google is expected to introduce its Google TV platform in cooperation with Intel (s INTC) and Sony (s SNE) as well as to open-source its VP8 codec.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has been quoted as saying that Google TV promises to be the “biggest single change in television since it went (color),” and the Free Software Foundation predicted earlier this year that open-sourcing VP8 could kill Adobe’s (s ADBE) Flash. In other words: It’s history in the making — at least for Google fans.

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Unfortunately, Google I/O has been sold out since early March. However, you’ll be able to follow the fun through the keynote live stream available at

Here’s the exact schedule of the keynotes:

  • Day 1 Keynote: Wednesday, May 19, 9:00-10:30 a.m. PT
  • Day 2 Keynote: Thursday, May 20, 8:30-10:00 a.m. PT

Don’t want to miss out on the feeling of sitting in an overcrowded room while watching these? Then you might want to check with your local Google Technology Users Group, many of which are organizing screenings of the live stream at Google offices and other appropriate places around the world.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Ryan Holst.

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4 Responses to “Where to Watch Google I/O Online”

  1. Using sensational and inaccurate statements like “open sourcing could kill Adobe’s Flash” is the mark of yellow journalism. I’m no fan of Adobe, but be accurate in what you report.

  2. Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita

    NewTeeVee seems to be the only source where this noise about google open sourcing vp8 is coming from.

    If the thing does not come, its credibility will be heavily hurt.

  3. DrClue

    While not too interested in the Google TV thing as of yet,
    I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas eve in anticipation of opening gifts and finding a bright shiny VP8 CODEC under the tree!!!