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Vid-Biz: Google TV, Flash P2P, TiVo on Virgin

Google and Intel in Web TV Launch; there’s even more evidence that Google will be launching a “Smart TV” platform with Intel and Sony at the Google I/O developers conference. (Financial Times)

Adobe Talks Up Peer-to-Peer Plans; with the imminent launch of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe will provide publishers with the tools to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs with a new peer-to-peer system. (Beet.TV)

Virgin Outlines TiVo Plans at the Cable Show; Virgin expects to soft launch a TiVo set-top box by the end of the year, and roll it out completely in 2011. (Tech Watch)

Revision3 Embraces HTML5 & the iPad; now supports video playback on the Apple iPad, thanks to its first foray into HTML5. (Revision3 blog)

TV Eyes Online, Races to Save Biz Model; the TV biz is engaged in a delicate balancing act of adjusting how and where to program shows on the Internet, fearful of undercutting their traditional sources of revenue but fully aware that they don’t want to miss out on consumers’ ever-increasing thirst for watching shows online. (Variety)

Unicorn Media Adds Android OS Support; the online video platform released its UMediaDroid service layer, allowing customers to format and deliver video content across all devices on Google’s Android OS. (press release)