Comparing Android Phone Shipments With iPhone, BlackBerry

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No matter if you consider Google’s shuttering the Nexus One online store a success or failure, the Android platform is growing at a significant rate. Google’s most recent figures indicate that 65,000 Android phones are shipping every day, and that is a lot of handsets. To put this figure in perspective, let’s compare it to two of its biggest rivals — RIM (BlackBerry) and Apple (iPhone).

Google is shipping fewer phones than either RIM or Apple, but considering how much longer its rivals have been shipping phones Google has nothing to be ashamed of. RIM has been most aggressive with marketing its phones, and yet Android is not that far behind (116,667 vs. 65,000). Apple is shipping 97,222 iPhones per day, a solid lead over Android but one that is shrinking with each quarter.

These daily shipment numbers are based on each firm’s latest quarterly figures released through official channels.

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