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Apple Rejects Wi-Fi Syncing App

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Apple (s aapl) has rejected an application which promised to bring wireless synchronization to the iPhone.

Developer Greg Hughes first revealed his Wi-Fi Sync app last month, demonstrating how the application would work via a video. His video shows a simple process in which upon launching the Wi-Fi Sync app for the first-time a required pairing exercise is completed. Following pairing with a near-by Mac, iTunes quickly opens and begins to complete a full typical sync as normal – all with no tethering required.

Following the applications submission to Apple, sadly but by no means surprisingly, the application was rejected. Greg detailed that an Apple representative explained the reasoning behind the applications rejection over the phone:

While he agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns.

Due to the application being denied access to the official iTunes App Store, as predicted Greg has since decided to offer the app to jailbreakers via alternative app store Cydia. In order to get the application working you will first need to have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, have downloaded the Mac pairing client and have bought the app.

Joining the ever growing list of attractive jailbreak only apps, Wi-Fi Sync is now available to buy for just $9.99 (Cydia).

Jailbreakers: Will you be grabbing Wi-Fi Sync? Tell us in the comments if you plan to sync without wires!

11 Responses to “Apple Rejects Wi-Fi Syncing App”

  1. wififun

    I really want to like this. CAUTION!!!! Read this guys notes in Cydia. I do not, nor do I ever condone stealing software. At 9.99 for what his app does, if it was in the app store, I would purchase it without hesitation. BUT he has all sorts of crazy threats to people who copy his app. He implies your entire iTunes library can be wiped out if the app thinks it is pirated. I’m sorry, but ANYONE, and I mean anyone who thinks this behavior is acceptable is just plain wrong. For me, I would jail break my iPad to have this functionality, and I would pay the $10 even for a non-official app. But, there is no way, anything this guy writes is coming anywhere near me.

  2. Sullivan

    I would like to be able to sync my apps, agenda and contacts through wifi, but obviously Apple won’t allow this; It would be a much cheaper alternative to MobileMe…

  3. iGreGo

    I’m trying the app and it works fine.
    I think wifi sync should be native in apple device, it could be limited if for example one has to sync more than 100MB like it happens for 3g connection

  4. If there were a free trial version with limited functionality, I might be convinced. Wifi speeds drop as your signal gets weaker & I want to know what the performance is going to be like two floors away from my computer.

  5. David

    I would never ever wanna sync over 32gb of songs and videos wirelessly. My experience with previous wireless sync with windows mobile was painfully slow already and this is no better.

  6. Alejandro Perez

    This subject of wireless sync has been addressed many times, why would you want to do something as important as Syncing in a much slower way? y al ready takes quite a while to sync with the cable. And you sooner or later have to charge the thing don’t you? just plug it in to your computer and do 2 things at once.