Viewfinder for Mac — a Screencast

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Flickr is a wonderful resource, with millions of images online. Like many vast resources, finding that perfect image can be a real challenge. I search for images of products on Flickr in the course of my work, and a utility I use to expedite those searches is Viewfinder for the Mac.

Viewfinder has a simple interface that allows me to find images that meet my needs. A few taps on the screen and a good search topic and in seconds I have lots of images from which to choose. I can then go straight to the image page on Flickr or download the image with a click of the mouse.

There is a free version of Viewfinder that is somewhat restricted. The full version is only £15 ($22) and is well worth the price. Take a look at the program in action and see if Viewfinder might work for you.

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A simple one for windows 7. Not an app though – it just creates a federated search in your normal explorer so everything is done within the shell. (Under Favorites) Deceptively powerful because it isn’t immediately obvious that you can use booleans and all the sorting and grouping features available in a normal file window. (ie the right click > sort/group > More etc)

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