TechUniversity: Smart Playlists


Ever wanted to listen to all your Rock music? Or wanted to hear only your recent music purchases? The Smart Playlist feature in iTunes lets us do just that!

In this TechUniversity Smart Playlists screencast (subscription required), we’ll walk you through creating a Smart Playlist and how to set up different “rules” to control what songs automatically show up in your playlist.

View full Smart Playlists screencast on TechUniversity (subscription required)

Screencast Sample



Yeah… but how do i sort a playlist by more than one column at a time!?!?!


This TechUniversity teasers just suck, we don’t want to see your ads every 3 TAB posts. If you want to build a pay-per-view page go on, but keep it separated from this blog, don’t turn TAB into your advertising platform.

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