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Silentale: Unified Address Book, Message Searches and Archive

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Silentale is a service that works to unify your address books, and gives you one place to archive and search your messages. It’s similar to Threadsy, which aims to bring together your email and social network inboxes in one place, although as you can’t actually compose new messages, or edit much of the content of your address book, directly in Silentale, it’s actually more like Gist.

When signing up for a Silentale account, you are presented with a wizard that helps connect your email and social network accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Contacts (s goog), Highrise, Gmail, Google Apps Mail, IMAP/POP3 email, AOL Mail (s aol), Hotmail/Live Mail (s msft), and Yahoo! Mail (s yhoo). You can connect to many of these services via OAuth or Facebook Connect, although you have to give Silentale your Google Apps and Gmail passwords, which may make some people uncomfortable.

Once connected, it may take a while for your contacts and message history to be imported, but then, Silentale lets you view and search for information in an elegant and easy-to-navigate interface with only three tabs — Messages, Contacts, and Connectors (which is what Silentale calls the external accounts you have given it).

The Messages screen is laid out in a Twitter-style timeline, and Contacts are presented in a multi-column screen that includes tools to merge contacts and edit names and pictures, but nothing else. The screen is headed with a field for searching messages and contacts. As I write this, contact searches are working, but message searches seem to fail. Silentale does offer a nicely laid out support function where one can report bugs.

Silentale also has an API, and is encouraging development of third-party applications. Android and iPhone (s aapl) apps are on the way, and there are add-ons for Outlook and Firefox available now. When you go to a friend’s profile in a site like Facebook in Firefox, the add-on displays a contact’s details, as well as recent messages you’ve exchanged with them.

Silentale is currently in public beta, and the service is offering free unlimited accounts until May 31. After that, it will offer several pricing levels, plus free accounts for connecting five services or less.

Silentale’s biggest strength is its simple, responsive and attractive interface. While it doesn’t have some of the features that Gist does, its search functions and ability to archive messages make it worth a close look.

Let us know what you think of Silentale below.

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4 Responses to “Silentale: Unified Address Book, Message Searches and Archive”

  1. Thanks Charles, for pointing out why people might want to try Silentale. There’s a lot of great startups trying to address communication fragmentation, and our goal is to help folks better manage their relationships and find what they need faster, across all their services. We think a searchable archive, accessible anywhere, can be extremely useful, and plan to add even more features in the coming months.

    One addition coming very soon is connecting your Gmail account via OAuth (Google Contacts already works via OAuth).

  2. Ann Onnymous

    I love how you announce a new web site that unifies all your inboxes, JUST LIKE TWO OTHER SERVICES.

    What’s next, a service that unites the services that unite your inboxes?

    Some of us just have a very small handful of email addresses, mostly different user names @ our own domain name. We also limit our use of social networks, because if we spend our time on social networks, we’re not getting real work done.

    Anyway, giving account information to a random service uniting service seems like a bad idea from the get-go. They go tits-up next week and you’re left with the previous mess of services, but they still have your login information. So you have to go and change all your passwords. Such amusement.

    • Charles Hamilton

      While Silentale, Threadsy and Gist have some similarities, they don’t have the same features. I’ve tried to highlight the differences in order to help readers decide which product might work best for their needs.