Check for Risky Out-of-date Plugins Using Plugin Check


Mozilla’s Plugin Check — a free web service that examines installed plugins to see if they’re current — now works in more browsers than ever before. Outdated plugins pose a security risk, so keeping them up to date is important.

Visit the Plugin Check site and it’ll check out all of the plugins installed on the computer — it now works in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera, and can also check IE 7 and 8 for the most popular ones. If any of them are out of date, it gives you a handy link so that you can grab the latest versions.

As Mozilla’s Jonathan Nightingale notes, outdated plugins pose a major security and stability risk, citing one study that notes how around 80 percent of web users have a vulnerable version of Flash (s adbe) installed. And Plugin Check will take no more than a few seconds of your time.

Are all of your plugins up to date?

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I think this article is very useful for the Mozilla users like me so I’ll keep this in mind. It is good to read about these reminders regularly. I will also share it with all those people I know that use Mozilla as well. However, what will happen to Mozilla when the Chrome users clearly outnumber the Mozilla ones?

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