Welcome to the New NewTeeVee


Notice anything different? That’s right, we got ourselves a brand-spanking new outfit! NewTeeVee relaunched last night as part of a network-wide launch of site redesigns, and it is now both technically and aesthetically aligned more closely to all the other members of the GigaOM family.

Of course, we still kept the things that make NewTeeVee unique — in fact, we are working on incorporating all the great video and show reviews from NewTeeVee Station into the new site right now. It might just take a few more hours. Reviews will be more closely integrated with NewTeeVee proper — something that’s going to do more justice to our vision of covering both the business and the creative side of video online.

There are also a few new features that should make it easier for you to discover content, starting with the featured stories carousel on top of the home page, as well as special topic pages to new categories that capture what we are all about. Please dig around and explore the site, and let us know what you think!


Ryan Lawler

Thanks everyone for the kind words. The new design is definitely exciting!

David H. Deans

Is it just my imagination, or is your top header space now larger — so the blog post text starts further down the page, compared to the prior template?

Anyway, there’s better use of white space in this design.


this is the first of your site improvements since you started that I am not keen of. It looses intensity and individuality making newteevee anyteevee. Visually it does not do justice anymore to the great talent you guys have to present information in a very entertaining fashion. It looks so Corporate now. I may as well just use a feedreader.
Thanks nevertheless

Ryan Lawler

Thanks Sharon and Susan. We all love the new design in house!

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