Sprint EVO 4G Data Plan Pricing Revealed: Not Too Shabby

Sprint EVO

The Sprint EVO 4G is definitely looking like one hot smartphone, and I am jonesing for one. Coupling state of the art hardware with 3G/4G connectivity and you have one nice Android phone. What I’ve heard asked often is how much that connectivity will cost per month. I was bouncing around the web and found a blog by John Taylor from Sprint. Lo and behold the Sprint EVO 4G data plan information is up and looks pretty darn competitive.

This pricing demonstrates that Sprint is very serious about competing for your smartphone dollars. Here’s the breakdown according to John:

“If you get our Sprint Everything Data 450 plan with your EVO, you will pay $79.99 a month. ($69.00 / month, plus a $10 a month premium data charge.)

That includes:

  • Unlimited calling in America to any wireless phone (via Any Mobile, Anytime)
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Web
  • 450 Anytime minutes”

I don’t know about you but $80/ month for unlimited everything, including 3G and 4G data is sounding like Sprint’s going to get more of my money. Sprint will also be charging an additional $29.99 per month to use the mobile hotspot function of the phone. This allows sharing the 4G connection with up to 8 devices over the phone’s Wi-Fi connection. That’s a chunk of change but far cheaper than the $60/month Sprint charges for its Overdrive router like I am paying.

The EVO 4G will be available on June 4 for $199 with a new 2-year contract after rebates.


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