Is This the Verizon/ Google Tablet?

Verizon LTE Tablet

The talk about Verizon and Google teaming up to make an Android tablet is fun to watch. We know that a lot of companies are working on Android tablets, but it’s more interesting when the producer of Android teams up with a giant telco. Kevin pointed out something that I had forgotten from the CES this past January, that makes a lot of sense given all this tablet talk. Verizon was showing a concept “kitchen” tablet at the CES that runs on its new LTE 4G network.

The 15-inch tablet was packing the Nvidia Tegra for HD video playback, and was built by ICD. The tablet was dubbed the Vega, and while it didn’t seem to be running Android that could likely be an easy change with Google onboard. The integrated 4G LTE modem in the Vega was produced by Motorola, a big Android phone maker. Interestingly, ICD produced the Vega in partnership with T-Mobile in the UK.

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