Drag and Drop Images Into Gmail Messages


Gmail’s (s goog) getting more like a desktop email client every day. The Gmail team recently added the ability to drag and drop files into emails to add them as attachments, and today they announced that you can now drag and drop images onto a message to insert them inline. This functionality is currently only supported in Chrome, but is apparently coming to other browsers “soon.”

Note: I can’t get this to work in my personal Gmail account yet (using Chrome 5 on my Mac) — it keeps wanting to open the image in the browser window, rather than inserting it into the email. It is working perfectly in my Google Apps Gmail account, though, so maybe it isn’t rolled out to all accounts just yet.

Let us know whether this is working for you in the comments.


Leslie A. Joy

Interesting. Between Gmail’s user base growing and the nearing introduction of Microsoft Office 2010, I foresee Gmail adding more and more desktop email client type features.


I haven’t tried it first but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be a must-have tool. I mean, apparently, according to what @Darrel Carden says it works well with Chrome, but other than dragging images into the e-mail what other benefit can the user have?

Leslie A. Joy

I think it’s main purpose is just to be a small time saving convenience, in the same way being able to drag and drop documents into Gmail is.

Darrell Carden

Works fine in Chrome 5. I was able to drag an image into my email, put in some text, and then drag the image to a new position in the email. I then sent it to myself and was able to view it in Firefox.

Yet another reason to use Chrome for everything.

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