Brightcove Ready to Bring Advertising to the iPad


Brightcove is launching an HTML5 video advertising solution for Apple’s (s AAPL) iPad by early June, the company announced today. Advertising on the iPad is made possible through a partnership with Freewheel, whose Monetization Rights Management solution can be used to deliver and track advertising on the iPad, the iPod and the iPhone.

Brightcove’s SVP of Marketing announced the new solution on the company’s blog, saying that the majority of publishers surveyed by Brightcove plan to launch mobile advertising within the next 6-12 months. Brightcove originally announced support for video on the iPad at the end of March.

Advertising has been a bit of a bump in the road for video on the iPad. Video publishers have been eager to embrace the new device, but most video ads have been produced for Flash. The result has been that at some web-based video offerings for the iPad, like CBS’ (s CBS) iPad site, have started without any advertising at all.

The cooperation with Brightcove marks a notable win for Freewheel, which has been busy signing up customers like VEVO, and ESPN (s DIS) on its own in recent months. The partnership Brightcove could add newspaper publishers like the Financial Times and major music labels like EMI to its list of clients. Freewheel secured $16.8 million in financing at the end of April.

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