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Steve Jobs To Ad Industry: Leave The Premium Inventory To Us

Simeon Simeonov is co-founder and CTO of Better Advertising, a provider of online advertising compliance and assurance solutions. Sim is also founder of FastIgnite. Previously, he was a VC at Polaris Venture Partners and chief architect at Allaire/Macromedia (now Adobe). Sim blogs at, tweets as @simeons.

5 Responses to “Steve Jobs To Ad Industry: Leave The Premium Inventory To Us”

  1. The secret of Apple’s business model is that there is money to be made from hipster doofuses (thanks, Seinfeld) willing to vastly overpay for basic technology with idiot-proof interfaces.

  2. Not sure what the big deal is. Don’t all the agencies wish that analytics had never happened so they could just keep doing glossy full page ads and Superbowl spots? Looks like Apple is throwing them a bone here. ;)

  3. JimmineCricket

    I’m an apple lover, I admit it. I have made some very good returns on apple stock and I do a lot of research on all things apple. For what its worth, I wouldn’t bet against Mr. Jobs, unless you know something the rest of us don’t know. He has had a few, very few, ideas that didn’t fly. But for the most part he’s gotten it right when others didn’t have a clue they were doing things the wrong or in an inefficient way. I’ll bet Apple has something up its sleeve that the rest of us are in the dark about. Things are a changin’ and some get very upset when that happens.