Update: Microsoft Leverages Search Exclusive With Verizon For Ad Deal

Verizon Wireless said today that it will try to help developers monetize their applications that are being distributed through its own app store by providing two ways to integrate advertising.

Verizon said application developers will initially have their choice of using Microsoft’s Bing, which is included as part of its exclusive search arrangement with the carrier, or *AdMarvel*, which aggregates advertising from multiple ad networks. *AdMarvel* was recently acquired by Opera Software (OSL: OPERA) and has similar deals with other carriers, like T-Mobile USA.

UPDATE: So, much for this sounding like a good deal for developers. Yesterday, a Verizon spokeswoman provided incorrect information that said developers will be able to keep 100 percent of the advertising revenue. Actually, a revenue-share will be involved, but the company declined to talk specifics. Just like how developers have to share 30 percent of the revenue from a paid application with Verizon, developers will have to share advertising revenue, too. That’s in line with Apple’s recently announced iAd platform, which will give developers a 60 percent cut of revenues.

So far, Verizon’s V CAST Apps initiative has only launched on the BlackBerry Storm2, but a spokeswoman said she expects it to be rolled out on more devices in the next few weeks and months. The advertising offering will be exclusive to V CAST apps, so this means it would not extend to Verizon’s Brew feature-phone platform.

If developers elect to choose *AdMarvel*, they will be able to tap into the plethora of advertising networks, including AdMob, Millennial Media, Quattro Wireless and Jumptap. It’s worth noting that while Microsoft’s Bing is not frequently associated with mobile advertising, it does register as one of the largest U.S. providers.

Developers can go to the Advertising Development Center to access both SDKs for Bing or AdMarvel. In both cases, developers will get tools to manage the advertising campaigns and will receive analytics.