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EU Is The Latest To Criticize Facebook’s Privacy Changes

Poor Facebook. It’s in the midst of a very loud uprising by the tech elite over its latest batch of privacy changes — and it’s still being criticized for the changes it made way back in December. Those changes meant that users could no longer restrict access to some basic information

One Response to “EU Is The Latest To Criticize Facebook’s Privacy Changes”

  1. GlennLEU

    Privacy on the internet is evolving and the sooner the media and regulators realize that, the sooner we can realize that the open society has a lot of benefits. Facebook is just evolving right along with the times. Kids have grown up with sharing everything online. and other sites seem to deliberately be exposing everybody’s personal information. There’s really no putting this genie back in the bottle, so we might as well realize that this isn’t going to change. The good thing about what’s going on with Facebook now is that its putting privacy issues at the forefront so we can rationally discuss these important topics.