Lenovo Expands Notebook Line With Power


Lenovo is apparently determined to have the most notebooks in its portfolio, with the introduction of the IdeaPad Z-series line of notebooks. The objective looks to bring powerful processors and multimedia capabilities to the Lenovo lineup, while keeping prices low enough to appeal to consumers.

The new IdeaPad Z series of notebooks starts at $649, and all models sport a metallic cover that denies smudges a place to live. There are two sizes of Z notebooks, a 13.3-inch and a 15.6-inch model; both of these have integrated optical drives for watching movies on the go.  The Z360 and Z560 are available with CPU options up to a Core i7 ULV, and the Z565 packs AMD onboard.

Lenovo is updating the IdeaPad U series, and the U160, U460 and U460s are also now available with fast processors. The thought of the 11.6-inch U160 with a Core i7 processor is downright mind-boggling.  Like the Z series, the new U models will be available in June from the Lenovo web site.

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i wonder what battery life, heat, fan noise, will be like on the 11″ i7?

will anyone be getting these for review?


The new U160 sounds killer. I’ve got the U150 U7300 and it has been a real champ, light years better than any of the Atom netbooks I’d tried before.


I think the new Lenovo & HP notebooks look great. It’s about time the PC side stepped up design on notebooks. Apple seemed like the only one that cared about notebook design for years.

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